Blog Fourteen


Writing Tips-Even More Help

Since I had not planned to illustrate Papa’s Stinky Workshop, I thought it was as finished as I could make it. Now it was my editor’s turn. Fortunately for me, the facilitator of the writing group I joined edited many of the books written by the members.

I knew little about typing a book, but at least, I did know I was supposed to double space. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to set up double spacing on my computer so I had to hit “enter” each time I wanted to create a space between lines.

I also didn’t know how to indent properly so I simply hit the space bar five times to indent. Sometimes I miscounted.

What I thought would look pretty good when I sent it to my editor, was in reality a mess. I had no idea how to check the layout of my work which meant I had no idea how unprofessional it appeared.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my editor for coming to my rescue! BIG tip, find an editor. More on that later.


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