Blog Sixteen


Writing Tips-Going Back Just a Bit

In Blog Thirteen, I wrote the question “How did I end up illustrating it?” at the beginning of my last paragraph. The “it” refers to my self-published book, Papa’s Stinky Workshop. I also wrote the question “What does the writing group have to do with it?” in the same paragraph. The “it”, in that case, refers to the first question.

I had planned to answer those questions fully in Blog Fourteen but actually only wrote more of an intro to how illustrating my book came about.

The explanation is I hired an editor in my writing group who taught me how to ready a manuscript for self-publishing. It was she who suggested I illustrate my book. She believed it would be easy for me to do since I am an artist. Well, although an artist and illustrator share some similarities, they are not the same.

Oh, boy! I knew it would not be easy, but how hard could it be?

She asked me if two weeks would be enough time. I figured probably not since I would like to have some time for teaching my art classes, sleeping, eating, showering, etc. Also I would miss my sweetheart terribly if I could not see him sometime during those two weeks.

The shocked look on my face, gave her a hint two weeks would not be enough time. She asked if I could illustrate the book in four weeks. I still must have had that shocked look on my face because without waiting for me to answer, she upped the time to six weeks.

Six weeks, well why not? Surely that would be plenty of time.

Well, it was not. I don’t remember exactly how long it took, which is ok because I really don’t want to know! The bad news is it took much longer than I thought it would. The good news is I did learn something about how to illustrate a children’s book.


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