Blog Twenty

Writing Tips – Writers’ Groups

Not all writers’ groups are equal. Some are very helpful and others are, well, not. How do you tell the difference? Here are some things to consider.

What are the goals of the group? Are they the same as yours?

What does the group do? Does it spend most of its time socializing or does it start the meeting on time?

How does it treat newcomers? Are they pretty much ignored or are they warmly welcomed?

Are the non-published members respected or are only the published members taken seriously?

Does it value members who want to self-publish or only members who strive to be traditionally published?

If you want to become published, will the group help you to reach that goal?

What type of writing group is it? Do you feel you fit in?

Who leads the group?

Does everyone who wants to read get a chance to do so? It is mandatory that everyone reads at each meeting?

Is your work critiqued? If it is, who critiques and what are the guidelines?

Does the group have rules and if so, what are they?

If they have rules, what happens if the rules are broken?

Do you like the group and do they like you?

Hopefully, the first writers’ group you attend will be one you want to join, if not, keep looking. A good writers’ group is a treasure!


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