Blog Twenty-One


Writing Tips – The Writers’ Group to Which I Belong

I was fortunate to find a wonderful writer’s group last year. I had heard about it approximately a year before that when I was still dreaming about “someday”, “maybe”, “possibly” becoming a writer.

One Friday morning I decided to hang out at a local art gallery where I had taught off and on for several years. While there, I told a friend of mine I was trying my hand at writing children’s books and had recently finished one.

She mentioned a writers’ group she had heard about. I told her I had heard about the same group before from a mutual friend of ours. However at that time, I did not have a finished book I wanted to publish. Now I did, but the writers’ group met on Thursdays at the same time I was teaching one of my “Stress Free Water Color” classes, so I could not attend the meetings.

Later that day, I looked up the writers’ group online. Why I did so, I don’t know. Perhaps it was fate.

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