Blog Twenty-Two

Writing Tips – The Writers’ Group to Which I Belong-Part Two

In Blog Twenty-Two, I mentioned a writers’ group I had heard about approximately two years ago. Even though I worked at the same time the workshops were held, I looked it up online anyway.

I am so glad I did! That coming Saturday, five members of the writers’ group were doing a panel discussion entitled “The Joy of Self-Publishing”. Attending the panel discussion was a life changing event for me!

Without the help I received from the writers’ group, I know I would not have been self-published as soon as I was. Why did I write “Perhaps it was fate.” at the end of Blog Twenty-Two? Well, why else would I have looked up information about a writers’ group I thought I could not attend? And, what if the panel discussion had been the previous week and I had missed it?

At the panel discussion, I picked up several tips on self-publishing and thought maybe, with help, I could “someday” get my children’s book published. I decided to take a coaching class from the facilitator of the writers’ group and also have her edit my book. At that time, I had no idea “someday” was just around the corner.

I also decided to cut back teaching water color classes from two days to one. I enjoyed teaching that class very much, but knew I needed to attend the writers’ group workshops on Thursdays if I wanted to grow as a writer.

The coaching class sessions and editing helped me prepare for the annual book signing held each November by the writers’ group. I self-published my book in October and starting selling it in November!

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