Writing Tips-More Help

I found out about the writing group I attend from a fellow writer. Through this group he had learned how to self-publish a book of his poems. When he asked if he could photograph my dog Tay-Zay and use the photos to illustrate one of the poems, I was thrilled.

At that time, I did not have a book I wanted to publish, but a couple of years later, I did. I had started writing a poem influenced by none other than the photogenic Tay-Zay mentioned above. The poem soon became more than just a simple poem in my mind as illustrations began to attachment themselves to the verses.

At the same time, another story was asking to be written as well. Soon still another one was forming. Wow, three stories at once! Choose one, I told myself. Ok, I could do that, but which one? Think, Susan think.

I chose the one I thought I could finish before the Tucson Festival of Books last year. I was thinking if I finished it in time, I could present it to an agent if one were available. Fortunately, I did not find an agent because the book was definitely not ready for presentation. How little we know when we begin to write a book, at least this part of “we” knew very little.

I did not chose the poem inspired by Tay-Zay because I wanted to illustrate it and knew I would not have enough time to do so. Instead I chose Papa’s Stinky Workshop. I figured if it were accepted for publication, the publisher would choose an illustrator.

How did I end up illustrating it? Well, that is for the next blog. All I will say for now, is sometimes it is wise to be flexible and brave enough to take a chance. What does the writing group I attend have to do with it? That too is for the next blog.

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