Blog Fifteen

Writing Tips – Uh Ohs

Yup, finally an Uh Oh snuck up on me. I didn’t write a blog last week! I had been very good about getting my blog written each week until then.

What happened? Life happened.

I attended a Self-Publishing Expo on Saturday, March 4 th., and The Tucson Festival of Books last Saturday. Saturdays are usually spent doing many of the little things I did not get done during the week.

This month I started teaching private water color classes on Tuesdays.

I have been teaching group water color classes for several years on Wednesdays.

Thursdays I either attend an Authors’ Motivational Workshop, Authors’ Promotional Workshop or coffee/tea time with my writing friends.

Fridays and Mondays are for appointments and errands. If I have none for those days, I may actually have an At Home Day, yea! Perhaps I will write (hope, hope) or perhaps just do laundry. Oh, well, I do like clean socks. Of course, appointments and errands sometimes occur on other days too.

What about Sundays? I try to find as much time as I can during the week for those people who mean so much to me. With our busy lives, however, this can prove difficult so I set Sunday aside for my sweetheart, family and friends and give thanks for each and every one.


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